Hay Saver

Hay Saver


Best Haysaver Feeder

Our feeder is hard to beat! The Best Haysaver is made from 2-inch, 12 and 14-gauge galvanized tube attached to a corrosion-proof OTR tire. The steel is saddle-notched and welded in one piece with no bolt-together panels, making it super-sturdy.  All welds are painted with 97% zinc paint. Since the bottom doesn’t rot away, the Best Haysaver has an estimated lifespan of at least 20 years! It has been in the field for seven years now, with great results.

The Best Haysaver design will cut waste by 35%-50%, compared to a traditional round bale feeder! The cone restricts the amount of feed that can be pulled out at one time. Further, it is easier for livestock to pick up what they dropped than to pull another bite out of the cone, so they keep the feeder super clean and waste very little. We hear from many of our customers that the feeder pays for itself in a year,  just from the hay savings.

These bale rings are in very high demand, so if you are considering purchasing one, let us or your dealer know as far in advance as possible. Retail price is $1000-$1200+, depending on freight. This is a lot of money to pay for a feeder, but you are getting a feeder that is built to last decades, and that will be paying you after the first year. Volume discounts are available.